Demystifying Management's 5 Courses

What will I learn?

  • Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsoring

    You’ll unblock your teammates and accelerate their growth.

  • Dealing With Surprising Human Emotions

    You'll minimize conflict and maximize productivity with your team.

  • Setting Expectations as a Manager

    You'll recognize when and how to be more empowering, or more directive with your team.

  • Delivering Feedback

    Your improved feedback delivery will lead to demonstrable change.

  • Building Resilience

    You'll have more energy to tackle your goals and withstand the tough times.

You'll receive:

What's included?

  • All 5 courses: Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsoring, Dealing With Surprising Human Emotions, Setting Expectations as a Manager, Delivering Feedback, and Building Resilience.

  • Video lessons in which Lara teaches and models the skills covered for each course

  • Exercises throughout each course to immediately apply every skill to your own work

  • Interactive homework to continuously hone every skill in your real-life settings

  • A certificate of course completion when you finish each course

Check out a free lesson

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In this free lesson from the Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsoring course, you'll learn how to use two crucial coaching tools, and discover why coaching is even more powerful than mentoring.

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