Your teammates are guaranteed to have surprising reactions to things that happen in your work environment. How do you recognize it, navigate it, and best support your teammate?

In this video course, you'll learn new methods to unearth what might be behind those surprising emotions, as well as tools (and practice) to help recover when you've messed up.

This course’s homework takes these skills into the real world and helps you apply them to your specific workplace and context.

And as an added bonus, you’ll hear from my friends and former colleagues as they share their own perspectives and help me practice and demonstrate these skills.

You'll receive:

What's included?

  • Captioned videos of Lara teaching and demonstrating these skills with others

  • Workbook exercises for you to practice the skills throughout the course

  • Built-in reflection time to solidify what you're learning

  • Homework to apply these skills to your specific workplace and context

Paloma Medina, Coach & Trainer

Learn about our 6 core needs from the person who coined the BICEPS acronym

Jason Wong, Fractional VPE

Watch an experienced leader demonstrate acknowledging a misstep

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the Dealing With Surprising Human Emotions Course!

    • How this works, and what you'll need

  • 02

    Hulk Moments and Core Needs

    • Hulk moments

    • Our core needs at work

    • Desk moves

  • 03

    Resistance and Recovery

    • Forms of resistance

    • Amygdala hijack recovery