All kinds of organizational expectations (quarterly goals, job descriptions, team mission statements, etc.) will evolve based on company context, scale over time, leadership changes, you name it. This video course will help you balance being empowering and being directive as a leader, and know when to switch up your approach.

You’ll watch me roleplay having a difficult conversation, and see a variety of leaders describe their default approach to leadership. 

I'll help you identify your default approach, so that you can see when it’s most useful, and when you might need to adapt it based on what your team or company needs, what the challenge is, how much urgency there is.

This course’s homework takes these skills into the real world and helps you apply them to your specific workplace and context, too.

You'll receive:

What's included?

  • Captioned videos of Lara teaching and demonstrating these skills with others

  • Workbook exercises for you to practice the skills throughout the course

  • Built-in reflection time to solidify what you're learning

  • Homework to apply these skills to your specific workplace and context

Julie Schechter, Wherewithall Coach

Watch me practice being blunt and direct with

Duretti Hirpa, Staff engineer-at-large

Hear people I admire describe their leadership philosophy, like

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the Setting Expectations as a Manager Course!

    • How this works, and what you'll need

  • 02

    Empowerment and Direction

    • Why set expectations?

    • Empowerment/Direction spectrum

  • 03

    Adapting Your Approach

    • Use the full spectrum

    • Being more directive

    • Risks and tradeoffs

  • 04

    Identifying Your Default Approach

    • Your default approach