Humans are mostly bad at giving feedback, and we’re also really bad at preparing ourselves to receive it. This is true no matter the situation – we need to have feedback conversations with partners, coworkers, and bosses!

In this video course, you'll work with a piece of real-world feedback and mold it into specific, actionable, and respectful communication.

You'll watch me coach someone through the process of honing and delivering their feedback, and you'll learn how to receive feedback well, too!

This course’s homework takes these skills into the real world and helps you apply them to your specific workplace and context.

You'll receive:

What's included?

  • Captioned videos of Lara teaching and demonstrating these skills with others

  • Workbook exercises for you to practice the skills throughout the course

  • Built-in reflection time to solidify what you're learning

  • Homework to apply these skills to your specific workplace and context

David Yee, Executive Director

Watch me practice feedback coaching and delivery with

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the Delivering Feedback Course!

    • How this works, and what you'll need

  • 02

    The Feedback Equation

    • Introduction

    • Observations

    • Impact

    • Questions vs. requests

  • 03

    Feedback Coaching

    • See feedback coaching in action

  • 04

    Feedback Delivery

    • How to deliver feedback

  • 05

    Receiving Feedback

    • Receiving feedback